Toolbox for Google Play Store™,Google Play浏览和管理插件

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Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件简介

Toolbox for Google Play Store™是一款Chrome浏览器的插件,可以扩展Google Play商店的功能和管理,帮助用户更方便地浏览和管理应用程序。可以帮助用户更方便地浏览和管理应用程序。该插件提供了应用程序管理、搜索和比较等功能,方便用户进行应用程序管理和选择。同时,该插件还提供了自定义设置等功能,方便用户进行个性化设置。

Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件功能:

应用程序管理:该插件提供了应用程序管理工具,允许用户在Google Play商店中查看和管理其安装的应用程序。用户可以卸载应用程序,查看应用程序的详细信息以及更新其应用程序。



自定义设置:用户可以根据自己的需求,自定义Google Play商店的样式和设置,如应用程序分类、语言和地区等。

Toolbox for Google Play Store™,Google Play浏览和管理插件

Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件描述:

应用大小:1.14 MiB
版本:v 2.9

Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件下载:


Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件安装流程:

(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面
(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”
(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,完成安装

Toolbox for Google Play Store™ 插件原文介绍

-= Description =-

Toolbox for Google Play Store™ (TGPS) has the following features:

1. APKMirror, Android Police, and Appbrain buttons are added to all Play Store app pages. All the buttons are optional and can be toggled from the settings.
2. Beta status button. TGPS will tell you if an app you're looking at offers a beta program and whether you're part of the beta. Just like before, this function is optional and can be disabled in the settings.
3. Screenshot enhancements. TGPS adds a horizontal scrollbar to the screenshot gallery on app pages.
4. Language/region picker. This adds dropdown menus to the Play Store for changing the current display language and country/region, allowing you to check international prices and other information.

The extension was developed by the team at and

-= Changelog =-

- Added support for new Play Store design.
- Fixed duplicate language/location dropdowns.
- Fixed Firefox for Android support.

- Added new dropdown menus for changing the current language and Play Store region (helpful for checking international pricing).
- Added download count to APKMirror button.
- Fixed bug where using arrow key on screenshot gallery would skip screenshots.

- APKMirror button now shows latest version on hover.
- The buttons now show up lower to avoid shifting Google's own buttons ("Install," "Pre-register," etc).
- Google changed the Play Store, which broke our buttons. That's fixed now.
- Fixed bug where buttons would sometimes not appear on app listings.

- Fixed a bug where the Play Store Wishlist button would become hidden.
- Fixed a bug where buttons sometimes wouldn’t appear on Firefox for Android.
- Fixed a bug where Join Beta button wouldn’t work in non-English languages.
- Fixed a bug where buttons would sometimes load in the wrong place or would be misaligned.

- The toolbar settings popup has been removed. Toolbox settings are still available from your browser's extensions/add-ons page.
- Fixed a bug where the app page buttons wouldn't display in some circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where the screenshot gallery features stopped working.
- Fixed a bug where the APKMirror button didn't work properly on newer versions of Chrome (v73.0.3666.0+).
- Performance has been improved.

- Play Store tabs will no longer freeze if APKMirror goes down.

- Added scrollbar to screenshot gallery on app pages.
- Keyboard left/right keys can now be used to scroll through app screenshots in full-screen mode.

- Added compatibility with new Play Store design.
- Updated buttons (specifically, beta info now shows up as a button too).
- Beta program info now appears on pre-registration apps.
- Behind-the-scenes performance improvements.

- Removed popup from clicking on disabled APKMirror button.
- Minor bug fixes.

- New design for settings page.
- Now works on mobile Play Store site.
- APKMirror button now turns gray if the app has not been uploaded.
- Improved support for Firefox on Android.
- Background process no longer runs when Play Store page is not open (Chrome and Opera only).
- Removed Ampersand fix because Google fixed the bug.
- Various other bug fixes and minor improvements.

- Added support for Firefox and Opera (respective extensions are not live yet).
- Added various tweaks to improve performance, especially on page load.
- Fixed bug for authuser being read as null.
- Fixed bug where the content script would run on testing program pages.
- Fixed duplicate beta messages on app listings when user is already enrolled in beta program.
- Fixed bug where buttons would sometimes cover text on app listings.

- The top entry when right-clicking the extension button no longer links to Instead, it now links to the extension page.

- Fixed bug where buttons would randomly not get inserted into Play Store pages.
- Fixed bug where the app info layout would break in some languages.

- Fixed beta program spinner for Play Stores with languages other than English.

- Fixed beta program spinner when user not logged into Google account.


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