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Enhanced ChatGPT 插件介绍


使用 Enhanced ChatGPT 增强您的体验 🚀

Enhanced ChatGPT 是一个扩展程序,可帮助您从与 ChatGPT 语言模型的对话中获得更多收益。

借助 Enhanced ChatGPT,您可以访问增强 ChatGPT 体验的新功能,例如能够将当前聊天导出到 Markdown 文件📝 并访问各种提示模板以增强您的对话。

在开源社区的不懈努力(略带咖啡因)的支持下,Enhanced ChatGPT 采用您已经知道的 ChatGPT,并将其转化为更好的东西,提供全新的功能:

🗂️ 导出聊天 🗂️ - 保存您的 ChatGPT 对话以供日后参考,便于查看和整理您的聊天记录。

🔮 提示模板 🔮 - 从各种模板中进行选择以自定义您的聊天体验,例如 Javascript 控制台模板,它允许您模仿 javascript 控制台的功能,或 Linux 终端模板,它允许您与 ChatGPT 交互,就好像它是一个 Linux 终端。💻 您甚至可以试用旅行指南模板,让 ChatGPT 充当虚拟旅行指南,帮助您规划下一个假期。或者,如果您对体育感兴趣,您可以选择足球评论员模板,让 ChatGPT 为您最喜爱的比赛提供现场评论。

💡 [你的下一个想法] 💡 - 你有没有想过,“我希望有一种方法可以用 ChatGPT [在这里插入你的想法]”?我们想让这些愿望成为现实。Enhanced ChatGPT 一直在寻找新的方法来改善用户体验并充分利用您的对话。那么为什么不与我们分享您的想法并在扩展中看到它们变成现实呢?我们始终乐于听取您的建议,并共同努力使 Enhanced ChatGPT 变得更好。

有了 Enhanced ChatGPT,一切皆有可能。与我们分享您的想法,并看到它们在扩展中变为现实。我们一直在寻找改善用户体验和充分利用您的对话的方法。让我们共同努力,让 Enhanced ChatGPT 变得更好。

使用 prompts.chat + ChatGPT 释放您的创造力
- 使用旅行指南模板计划您的下一个假期🌴
- 使用英语翻译器和改进器模板提高您的英语技能🇬🇧
- 使用编剧模板编写您自己的剧本和脚本 🎬
- 使用诗人模板写诗或歌词 📜
- 通过关系教练模板获得有关关系的专家建议和指导❤️
- 使用 Movie Critic 模板撰写和评论电影评论 🍿

- 选项不止于此 - 请访问 prompts.chat 获取完整列表!

Enhanced ChatGPT 插件

Enhanced ChatGPT 英文版介绍

Supercharge your experience with Enhanced ChatGPT 🚀

Enhanced ChatGPT is an extension that helps you get more out of your conversations with the ChatGPT language model.

With Enhanced ChatGPT, you can access new features that enhance your ChatGPT experience, such as the ability to export your current chat to a Markdown file 📝 and access a variety of prompt templates to enhance your conversations.

Powered by the tireless (and slightly caffeinated) efforts of the open-source community, Enhanced ChatGPT takes the ChatGPT you already know and transforms it into something even better, offering completely new capabilities:

🗂️ Export Chat 🗂️ - Save your ChatGPT conversations for later reference, making it easy to review and organize your chat history.

🔮 Prompt Templates 🔮 - Choose from a variety of templates to customize your chat experience, such as the Javascript Console template, which allows you to mimic the functionality of a javascript console, or the Linux Terminal template, which lets you interact with ChatGPT as if it were a Linux terminal. 💻 You can even try out the Travel Guide template to have ChatGPT act as a virtual travel guide, helping you plan your next vacation. Or, if you're interested in sports, you can select the Football Commentator template to have ChatGPT provide live commentary on your favorite games.

💡 [Your Next Idea] 💡 - Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there was a way to do [insert your idea here] with ChatGPT"? We want to make those wishes a reality. Enhanced ChatGPT is always looking for new ways to improve the user experience and make the most of your conversations. So why not share your ideas with us and see them come to life in the extension? We're always open to hearing your suggestions and working together to make Enhanced ChatGPT even better.

With Enhanced ChatGPT, the sky's the limit. Share your ideas with us and see them come to life in the extension. We're always looking for ways to improve the user experience and make the most of your conversations. Let's work together to make Enhanced ChatGPT even better.

Unleash Your Creativity with prompts.chat + ChatGPT
- Plan your next vacation with the Travel Guide template 🌴
- Improve your English skills with the English Translator and Improver template 🇬🇧
- Write your own screenplays and scripts with the Screenwriter template 🎬
- Write poetry or lyrics with the Poet template 📜
- Get expert advice and guidance on relationships with the Relationship Coach template ❤️
- Write and critique movie reviews with the Movie Critic template 🍿
- And the options don't stop there - visit prompts.chat for the full list!

we are always striving to make our platform even better for our users. If you have any thoughts or suggestions that you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@mohalobaidi.com. We'd love to hear from you!

** Written by ChatGPT with some help from @Mohalobaidi


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