ChatGPT Prompts Chrome 插件-ChatGPT 模型提示示例

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ChatGPT Prompts 简介

ChatGPT 提示。ChatGPT Prompts

这是一组用于 ChatGPT 模型提示示例

ChatGPT 模型是由 OpenAI 训练的大型语言模型,能够生成类人文本。通过向它提供提示,它可以生成继续对话或扩展给定提示的响应。

在此扩展中,您会发现可与 ChatGPT 一起使用的各种提示。


我们希望您发现这些提示很有用,并能从使用 ChatGPT 中获得乐趣!

ChatGPT Prompts Chrome 插件-ChatGPT 模型提示示例

ChatGPT Prompts 英文简介原文

This is a collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model.

The ChatGPT model is a large language model trained by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text. By providing it with a prompt, it can generate responses that continue the conversation or expand on the given prompt.

In this extension, you will find a variety of prompts that can be used with ChatGPT.

Enter "". Thanks to this plugin, you will see ready prompts prepared for you on the homepage.

We hope you find these prompts useful and have fun using ChatGPT!


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