chatGPT auto speech 插件-文本转换为语音并自动播放

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     chatGPT auto speech 插件简介

此扩展将 chatGPT 响应文本转换为语音并自动播放。This extension converts chatGPT response text into speech and plays it automatically.

今天就用你的 chatGPT 听和说吧。

为您和 chatGPT 提供更人性化的对话。

有趣的事实:这个扩展是由 chatGPT 和我(我的意思是,当然是人类)共同编写的。

有趣的事实 2:所以它现在充满了错误!但如果您有兴趣,请认真帮助。


chatGPT auto speech 插件特征

边听边说,为您和 chatGPT 提供更人性化的对话。

当您想与 chatGPT 交谈时,按住键盘上的右 shift 键,语音将转换为文本区域中的文本。

2.将 chatGPT 响应文本转换为语音

自动将来自 chatGPT 的响应文本转换为语音

chatGPT auto speech 插件-文本转换为语音并自动播放

chatGPT auto speech 插件英文原文简介

listen and talk to your chatGPT, today.

a more human-like conversation for you and chatGPT.

fun fact: this extension is co-written by chatGPT and me(I mean, a human, of course).

fun fact 2: so it is full of bugs now! but seriously please help if you are interested.

just listen and talk, a more human-like conversation for you and chatGPT.

1. Use voice for typing
Press and hold the right shift key on your keyboard when you want to talk to chatGPT, the voice will be converted into text on the textarea.
Press enter to send the message.

2. Convert chatGPT response text into speech
auto convert the response text from chatGPT into speech.


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