Speak to ChatGPT Chrome 插件

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Speak to ChatGPT Chrome 插件简介
此扩展程序将您的语音转换为 chatGPT 文本,并将他的回复转换为语音并自动播放。This extension converts your voice to chatGPT text and his response into speech and plays it automatically.
这是 TalkGPT google 扩展,在这里你可以与世界上最先进的文本处理 AI ChatGPT 进行对话交流。
只需用您的声音向 Chat GPT 询问任何问题,即可获得回复。
凭借其庞大的知识库以及理解和响应复杂查询的能力,TalkGPT 是就任何主题进行对话的完美伴侣。
它是一个很棒的工具,只需单击一下即可快速轻松地讲其他语言,TalkGPT 是进行国际对话的理想应用程序。
只需允许它使用您的 microfon 单击确定并玩得开心
隐私声明:所有语音处理均在浏览器中完成,除 chatGPT 聊天窗口外,不会向其他任何地方发送录音或数据。享受!
Speak to ChatGPT Chrome 插件
Speak to ChatGPT Chrome 插件英文简介
This is TalkGPT google extension, where you can have conversational exchanges with the world's most advanced text processing AI ChatGPT.
Simply use your voice to ask Chat GPT any question, and get a response.
With its vast knowledge base and ability to understand and respond to complex queries, TalkGPT is the perfect companion for engaging conversations on any topic.
It is a great tool to quickly and easily speak on other languages with just a click, TalkGPT is the ideal app for international conversations.
Just Allow it to use your microfon click OK and have fun
PRIVACY NOTICE: All voice processing is done in browser and NO recordings or data is sent anywhere else except the chatGPT chat window. Enjoy!


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